Natural Language Processing

It is a difficult task to train AI to understand and reproduce natural human language. That’s where our high-quality, ready-to-use datasets and international crowd-powered data annotation and collection services can help.

> Named Entity Recognition

With ready-to-use NER datasets, train your models to identify notable individuals, places, objects, and notions in unstructured text.

Need a customised NER dataset? Contact us and let us know how we can source the ideal dataset for the requirements of your model.

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> Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Gaining insight from feedback is essential for responding quickly to customer needs. Our ABSA data allows the AI ​​to do this at scale and giving you in-depth details.

Need a customised ABSA annotated data? Contact us and let us know how we can source the ideal dataset for the requirements of your model.

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> Other NLP Solutions

NLP issues such as intent detection, personally identifiable information (PII) redaction, content moderation and enhancing chatbox user experience?

We have extensive experience gathering and annotating all of the data listed above. Let us know about your specific needs.

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Bridge Language Barriers

Develop and Enhance Machine
Translation Engines Faster

Due to cultural nuance, context, and slang, quality machine translation can be difficult to achieve, resulting in output that feels robotic, choppy, or not culturally aligned. That is why a machine translation engine that successfully bridges language barriers at scale must be trained and tested on high-quality, ready-to-use datasets and machine translation services.

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